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Aug 10 - Aug 14


Please look at the Meet the Teacher link as we have added additional information you need to know. When your teacher calls it may come through as an unidentified number so please keep that in mind. Also make sure to complete the COVID DECLARATION -it must be done before you can enter the building. I have a link for the declaration and will also send out as a separate message.


You must prove residency before your child will be placed into a class. Please email our office at scattendance@dcsok.org with the appropriate documents. CLICK HERE for specific requirements.
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Residency: You will still need to complete proof of residency if you have not done so. You will not be assigned a Teacher until this is complete.

Meet the Teacher: You will be doing MTT on-line through Zoom, your teacher will reach out to you via phone first to set this up.

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Pre-Ordered School Supply Pick Up

You may pick up your pre-ordered supplies on Wednesday, August 12th or Thursday, August 13th from 4:30 - 6 pm. Please pull into the circle drive (north end) and wait in your car. Someone will come to your car to get your information and then deliver the supplies to you.

IMPORTANT: Please purchase a Supply Box (apox. 8X5) for your child. Place a Label with your child's name on each item before putting in his/her supply box. For health and safety purposes, supplies will NOT be shared.

I will send grade level information out next week as to what supplies to keep at home so your child will have what they need both at school and home.

To see the list of school supplies, CLICK HERE . I will send more information on picking up Pre-Ordered supplies as soon as possible.


Please send your child with a Water Bottle as the Water Fountains will not be open to protect students from contracting COVID. We do have water bottle fill stations attached to the fountains that can be used as well as sinks in every classroom.

Again, I'm so sorry for the inconveniences that must occur due to COVID, but we want to do everything we can to keep our students safe while at school.


Here are a few other changes for this school year.

Early Check Out - If you need to pick up your child early, please call the office from your car once you arrive. We will walk your child out to you.

Lunch - we will not be able to allow visitors for lunch this year.

Forgotten Items: If you child forgets something at home, we will have a basket next to the doorbell at the front entrance. Please ring the bell to let the secretaries you are dropping it off. We will collect the item, sanitize, and deliver to your child. Pease make sure the item is labeled with your child's name.

Volunteers - Deer Mom's and Watch D.O.G.S., Library volunteers will not be available at this time.

AABBR Back to School Plan

Because Deer Creek currently falls within the Orange level 1, we will start school on an Alternative Schedule. This will be referred to as AABBR. The A stands for Group A. Those students will attend school on Mondays and Tuesdays. The B stands for Group B. Those students will attend school on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The R stands for Remote which will be on Fridays and means that all students will be doing Remote Learning on Fridays. Again, for the details regarding this plan and what this plan allows us to do, please see the Return To Learn Plan on our website.

For the first three days of school, students in the A group will attend school on Wednesday, August 19th, students in the B group will attend school on Thursday, August 20th, and all students will participate in remote learning from home on Friday, August 21st. Beginning August 24th, please refer to the chart in the letter you received which is also online to see what days you child is assigned to attend school.

If you have household members who have different last names, then you can request from your principal that they be on the same day schedule. This is the only reason we can allow any changes to who comes on what day as we must keep our numbers balanced so that we can keep our safety protocols in place.


We will not be able to allow you to walk your child to the classroom this year. Again, this is due to COVID, So Please if at all possible come to Meet the Teacher. This will be your time to show your child where to go, take back to school pictures, etc.

I will have Staff stationed up and down the halls to help every child get to the correct room. Your child's teacher will be giving you a name tag on MTT day for your child to wear. This will help us in getting your child to the correct classroom.

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Car-riders are dropped off in the half-circle drive on the North end of the Building. Please follow the guidelines below to expedite drop off.

  • Students should be ready with backpacks on, last hugs & kisses done, and seatbelts undone as you pull into the parking lot.
  • Pull up to the first empty numbered post (bollard) and wait for the duty teacher to hold up the stop sign.
  • The stop sign is your signal for the child to exit the car. ***ONLY exit on the sidewalk, never into the parking lot for safety reasons.
  • Please do not get out of the car to help your child, this holds up the line. Teachers on supervision will be there to help if needed.
  • When leaving campus, you must turn RIGHT ONLY.


  • Pull up to the first empty numbered post (bollard) and wait for the duty teacher to hold up the stop sign.
  • Car Tags must be displayed from mirror for supervision teachers to identify you.
  • Your child will be called to line up as we see your car enter the lot.
  • Once all cars have come to a stop, the supervision teacher will allow the students to move to his/her car.
  • Wait for the Stop Sign to be lowered before moving. Follow the line of cars out to the exit and exit RIGHT ONLY.

**If you do not have your car tag, you will need to park and show I.D. to the office before receiving your child. This is to ensure your child's safety.


Parents, I'm so sorry, but due to Covid - we will not be allowed to have parents walking children up to the building this year, every child must be a car rider or bus rider. I know this is a huge change, but this is a District expectation to help protect everyone involved.

Please Do Not drop your child off in any parking lot, we want to make sure your child(ren) are safe at all times.

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Health & Wellness Calm Down Kits!

Pick up a Health and Wellness Calm Down Kit from the DC Admin Building on Thursday, August 13, from 9:30-11:00 am! The beginning of the school year can be crazy, and this year's transition might prompt feelings of stress and anxiety. A Calm Down Kit has plenty of activities to teach calming skills and promote fun for the entire family! We have kits for both elementary and secondary students.


Ways to get involved!!


This will look different right now with COVID. We still need Mom's who are willing to help teachers out! The teacher will pack up items that need to be done and send home with your child. Once you are finished with the "job", please send back to your child's teacher.


Watch D.O.G.S. are Dads of Great Students! Dads (uncles, grandfathers) can sign up to spend a day at our school visiting classrooms and helping kids learn! The link to sign up is below. All you have to do is turn in a background check along with $10, sign up for a date (make sure it's a least two weeks after submitting your background check), show up to Spring Creek on your date and your schedule will be ready for you! You'll get to spend time in your student’s classroom, and have lunch and recess with them, and visit other classes as well. Our students love having a Watch D.O.G. visit! Sign up here: POSTPONED due to COVID.



“The Deer Creek School District has made arrangements to offer Student Accident Insurance for all students from K&K Insurance Group. We make this coverage available to parents for their children who are students enrolled in our schools. The Deer Creek School District does not provide insurance coverage or medical reimbursements to parents for injuries that occur during school, including those incurred during gym classes, recess, etc.

While this coverage is optional, it is important that you review the coverage options available to you and consider purchasing this coverage, especially if your family has health insurance with a high co-payment for doctor and emergency visits, or a high-deductible plan, etc. Go to the link below for the application and additional information.