HR Week at a Glance

Week of August 7

Week at a Glance

Monday, August 7

New Administrator Boot Camp (Kim/Kim presenting)

Tuesday, August 8

New Hire Orientation (Para/Professional)

Team Mtg Items to Briana

Wednesday, August 9

Team Mtg 1:00 (tentative)

Thursday, August 10

Friday, August 11

New Hire Orientation 1;00-4:00pm

HR Happenings

  • Reminder: We return to normal working hours this week!
  • We are hosting New Hire Orientation twice this week! What a joy! I've included the abbreviated schedule below.
  • Send any Team Meeting agenda items to Briana by Tuesday.
  • We currently have 36 campus based positions left to fill! Para - 11, Elem Teaching - 11, MS Teaching - 4, HS Teaching - 5 and Support - 5. Almost there!
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New Hire Orientation - Friday Schedule

1:00 Welcome

1:10 Begin Presentation (Kim, Missy, Eric)

1:45 HAC/Aesop (Cecilia)

1:55 Benefits (Kitty/Cheryl)

2:45 Technology (Cara)