Ruditys Science Hours 11-12

How the Human Body relates to an Animal Cell

The Nucleus and the Human Brain

The nucleus relates to the Human Brain because the Nucleus of an animal cell is the brain of the cell and controls all actions.

The Cell Membrane and The Human Mouth

The Cell Membrane and the The Human Mouth are related because they both control what can and can't enter the cell/ human body.

The Lysosmes and the Human Stomach Acid

These parts are both related because the Lysosmes they break down food just like the Human Stomach.

The Vacuole and the Human Colon

These parts relate because, both of them store food and waste.

The Endoplasmic Reticulum and the Human Gullet

These parts are related because they both carry food to another part of the cell/body

Written and edited by: Colton Porter and James Matthes