Civil rights

By Ricardo,Anel,Brent,Matthew,Tyler


Voting rights 1965-African Americans to vote under the 15th amendment
Civil rights acts 1964-Ended segregation in public places and employment discrimination on the bias of race,color,sex,or national origin
martin Luther king death-The tragic death of MLK was enough to set america in tears when he died on April 4th 1968 he was shot and killed he was important because he used non violence resistance to over come injustice and gave hope to African american people



Montgomery bus boycott when all African Americans refuse to ride the buses and the bus company lost money this taught Americans that Africans Americans that they can revolt against the white man
24th amendment poll tax abolished
During the Montgomery bus boycott they had to call in the national guard and cops and firefighters were harming the regular people beating them killing them and they were doing nothing wrong

Social (culture)

blacks were not wanted in neighborhoods and trash was thrown at them during football games parks etc also peace walks were a thing every now and then they would walk for peace.

KKK we all know what they are but just in case you don't know they killed blacks for fun and just because they didn't want them

Jobs were unfair they were totally unfair because some jobs wouldn't even hire black person just because they gave them unfair wages and conditions

foreign and domestic

the war in Vietnam people wanted their soldiers to come back home
EFFECTS OF brown v board of education is when they wouldn't let the black kids into the school
Cuban missile crisis where Russia and United states Flex our muscles and point missiles at each other