Followers: Christians

Beliefs and Traditions/Sacraments

Christians believe that you should pray, believe in the trinity (father-god, son-Jesus Christ, and holy spirit),have Sabbath on Sunday (day of rest), and follow the declaration of faith.

Christians also have certain traditions or sacraments they follow such as, baptism (pictured right) and communion.

Place of Worship and Worship Leaders

Christians worship or pray?gather in a church. The leaders of the church are called many different names such as, priest,bishop, minister,preacher,pastor,etc. the names depend on what Sect, you are in within Christianity.

Holy Book and Holidays

Christians use a Holy Book called a Bible (pictured right). The Bible explains how the religion was started and the teachings of the religion. Christmas and Easter are two major holidays Christians celebrate that honor the birth of Jesus Christ and the day he sacrificed himself( and resurrection of Christ which lets believers to live with God eternally in the after life or heaven).

Holy City

Jerusalem is a Holy site for Christians because it includes the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (the site of Jesus's crucifixion or death).

Jurusalem is a common Holy city for all three religions.

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Jerusalem- Holy Sepulchre church (above)

Common Figure- Abraham

Type of Religion- Monotheism (believes in one God)

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