Thomas Jefferson

For President

I Support His Choices

I don’t agree with the alien and sedition act. If people from other countries wanted to be in America they shouldn’t have to wait 14 years for it. People want to get out of their country quicker. I agree there should be time to decide but not 14 years. About 5 years should be good for if they can come to the United States or not. Also in the 1st amendment it said that we have freedom of speech and press. There shouldn’t be a law against speaking negatively about the government or the president or what they do. It is freedom of speech and press. It may or may not change people’s mind but you are there in the office right now. You can make people more happy and not talk negatively about you or do what you want but don’t take away are rights.

I Support France

I supported to have France as are allies. I supported them because they helped us out in the war and if we had another war they could help us out again. We could have had a war with them but they helped us out. They could have a lot of things that could be good for trading. They might not be a really awesome trading partner but they could be a good one. We trust them more than we trust Britain. It would be better if we got in a war with them than with Britain. France could also help with if we got in a fight with Britain again.

Ruled By The People

My last reason is that the common people should be able to help rule the government. If you just have the rich and educated they could overtake everyone and it can be dictatorship. If the more common people rule you can get a little from everyone’s mind of what they know about the government. They may be a really good person who knows a lot about the government but they don’t understand the problems and hardships the country faces like the common people do. If we just have the rich and educated they know a lot but they might have way different ways of running the government and the common people won’t have a say in the way the government is ran. Opinions and power shouldn’t be based on money.