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March 27

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This has been crazy!!!

Who ever thought that we would be teaching from home and living in a virtual world when the school year started??? Crazy!!!

I can not express how proud I am of our teaching staff and the approach that everyone has had over the past two weeks...Truly AWESOME stuff! Keep making BCIT proud...

I have a a lot of updates to share with the staff as we continue to live in this new world.

Please read through the info below...I will also be sending the majority of the info in an email also for the people that prefer email over the SMORE.


Teacher Feedback....

I have received teacher feedback that staff members are concerned about the "well being" of our students as they navigate this different learning environment.

Staff members have expressed the need to make sure students are supported from an educational and intra-personal standpoint. The Guidance department has created a support system that I have outlined below for meeting with students.

Mrs. Gebhart has shared with me a Google Form to "check- in" with her students to see what is working and not working from their perspective so far. Geb created a quick Google Form as an Exit Ticket to gauge the students feedback regarding activities and instructional strategies they feel are more successful for their individual learning styles.

Geb was willing to share the Exit Ticket: Click the link below to review


I have also provided some videos to help staff members with GOOGLE HANGOUT for creating lessons and meetings with your students.

Do not forget, if you get into trouble regarding Google Support to contact the Google Leaders!!!

Students that need support!!!!

The Guidance Department has created a Google Form designed to support students during this interesting time. The form will allow students to coordinate meetings with our guidance staff. The form was emailed to students and will also be placed on the guidance web page.

If you have any students that need support, please direct them to the guidance web page and the form and/or email the guidance counselor.


Sink working on a Shoulder Lesson with her students...


Lesson Plan Update (Emailed March 24th)

I wanted to provide everyone a quick update on the lesson plan requirement as we work through the online education program. Both campuses have had discussions regarding lesson planning and we have shared our concerns with Dr. English and have agreed to the following:

  • Plans can be submitted at the conclusion of each week on Friday for admin review
  • Plans should be concise and provide an overview of the each days objective(s); activities; and any assessments that were assigned
  • Standards must still be noted for each lesson

Hopefully this will make the process less complicated as you design lessons on a daily basis. We are aware that a great deal of planning is going on as you design virtual lessons in Google Classroom.

Also, if you are having issues with students logging in and/or completing work be sure to email parents with your concerns. I recommend that you copy guidance counselors and case managers so that they are in the loop and can support your efforts. If you are not making any progress, then email guidance counselor/case manager with your concerns and copy me.


No State Testing!!!

The State has informed all districts that all state testing will be canceled for the spring!!!

We are still waiting on a an answer for CTE certifications and NOCTI testing.


Student Attendance Update (Emailed March 27th)

We also spoke about student attendance. After a great deal of discussion between the campuses and central office, we will now be removing the teachers from the daily attendance process effective Monday, March 30th. Teachers will only need to focus on providing daily assignments reflective of the instructional time students are assigned to you and grading submitted work. Students are responsible for submitting work daily as part of our online education program. If you choose to take classroom attendance for your own purposes that is fine, but it is not required for the purpose of daily building attendance and is no longer associated with submission of student work. Below is an outline of the new daily attendance system which will also be sent home in a parent letter indicating the change in process.

  • Students will be given access to a daily Google Form which will need to be completed between the hours of 8am-12pm.

  • Students who fail to complete the form before 12pm will be marked as absent for that day.

  • Daily attendance will be calculated and submitted for the building each day according to the Google Form results.

We are currently exploring Genesis reports for calculating the daily attendance for the past two weeks. There is a possibility we may need teacher assistance to complete this process, but we are still gathering information before we make that determination.

In order for us to make a decision, we need everyone to review your gradebook and ensure you posted attendance each day. If you posted the classroom attendance for a particular day, you will see a green message stating as such. If you did not post for that particular day, you will see a red message. It is imperative that you post each day’s attendance, and this task should be completed by the end of the day, Wednesday, April 1st.


Google Hangouts Meet

EDU in 90: Innovate with Hangouts Meet

Excellent Tutorial for Setting Up a Google Meet Session in Classroom!!!

How to do a Google Hangout with students