Endangered Plant

Texas Poppy-Mallow

Background Information

The Texas Poppy-mallow, or Callirhoe scabriuscula, is an endangered species that can be located in North America, but only in the great state of Texas in the United States. This flowering plant belongs to the domain Eukaryota and the kingdom Plantae. The Texas poppy-mallow lives in terrestrial areas and It derives most of its food and nutrients from the sun and river-deposited deep sands, this is why it usually only thrives alongside the Colorado River in the counties of Coke, Mitchell and Runnels.

Cause of Endangerment

There are several things that have caused this plant to become endeared. The most influential one being a loss of their habitat. Where farmers now grow produce, The Texas poppy- mallow used to call home. Pasture planting, sand mining, and urban development have also played a key role in the loss of this plant. For the most humans are the reason we are losing this plant.