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December 3, 2021


Report Cards are now available on HAC

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

iReady Math Diagnostic test will be administered to all K-5 students

Student council food drive begins, see information below.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

iReady Reading Diagnostic test will be administered to all K-5 students

Wednesday, December 15, 2021 - Orchestra Concert (info below)

Thursday, December 16, 2021 - Band Concert (info below)

Friday, December 17, 2021 - last day of school in 2021-Class parties in class info to come

December 20, 2021, through January 3, 2022 - Winter Break

January 4, 2022-Classes resume

Lincoln School

Our Vision-Lincoln School is a community that fosters a sense of belonging to grow as a citizen and a learner.

Lincoln leopards are respectful, responsible, and safe---Roar!

Yearlong Theme-Rooted Together Branching Out!

Highlights you will find:

  • Dates to remember
  • Principals Desk
  • Social Worker Updates
  • PTO Cookie Bakers Needed!
  • Virtual Bookfair
  • Art Volunteers in the Classroom (AVIC) is back!
  • Parent University Information
  • Band and Orchestra Winter concerts
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Principals Desk

I hope everyone was able to have a rested and wonderful Thanksgiving week off. It was a welcome respite. Our school community participated in the St. Charles Tree Trail decorating a tree over early in the week, photos above. Thank you to the PTO and all our families that made ornaments to decorate our Lincoln Christmas Tree, which won 2nd prize in the St. Charles Tree Trail. We are so excited to spread the joy and pawsitivity throughout St. Charles!

In addition this month Lincoln Leopards are participating in 15 days of spreading gifts of Kindness. Our Lincoln Bulletin board (as seen in our photo) and announcements reveal a daily kindness challenge, take a moment to talk to your child and see what they have done, and how they can spread kindness.

Finally, our student council representatives started the week ringing the bells for the Salvation Army outside of Blue Goose. Thank you Mrs. Kappele and our student council for donating their time for such a great cause. The student council is also organizing a food drive starting on Tuesday, December 7-Frida,y December 17. (Above is information regarding needed items.)

i-Ready Mid-Year Diagnostics

Next week on Tuesday and Wednesday all students will take the iReady mid-year diagnostic. Above is a video from the company which gives you more information regarding the assessment. Please make sure your son or daughter gets enough sleep and a good breakfast this week especially.

Our testing schedule is:

  • Tuesday, December 7th-;i-Ready Math Diagnostic

  • Wednesday, December 8th; i-Ready Reading Diagnostic

Diagnostic makeups will take place from Thursday, December 9th - to Friday, December 17th. If you are leaving for winter break early, please notify your teacher as soon as possible.

The information provided from this diagnostic will be used to identify student growth and help us plan for future instruction. Our SIP day on January, 3rd will be dedicated to reviewing our data and will provide opportunities to plan for students to work on their personal pathway. If you have any questions, please let me know, below is the parent letter explaining this in more detail.

Social Worker Update

As mentioned in my previous bulletin, we are looking for a full-time social worker replacement and we are increasing this support from part-time to full-time. In the meantime, we will have support from two district social workers and additional MTSS support from a clinician from Riverside.

Ms. Prigge is a veteran social worker in the district who will be supporting at Lincoln one day a week while her intern manages her caseload at NHS.

Ms. Drews our other social woker comes with a wealth of elementary social work experience.

Starting last week Ms. Prigge will be at Lincoln on Wednesday and Ms. Drews will be there on Fridays. Together, they will service student IEP minutes and support evaluations/IEPs as necessary until a candidate is hired. Lincoln will have two days a week of AWESOME social work support for students entitled to special education services.

In addition, we will be contracting with a clinician from Riverview counseling for 4 hours every Monday morning (9-1). Ms. Bryant will be used to meet with students, run small groups and attend to SEL needs that arise. Parents will be contacted prior to any students that will meet or work with Ms. Bryant directly. Since she is not a D303 employee we have an additional layer and will need consent and permission slips signed.

We will have 2.5+ days of targeted social work support while we look for a full-time replacement. If you need or have any questions at this time, please reach out to me at

PTO Cookie Exchange

The PTO is looking for several bakers to donate cookies so we can honor Lincoln staffers with a Cookie Exchange!

Enjoy time with your student, baking delicious homemade cookies using cherished family recipes! Please support this initiative by signing up using the link below.


This is just a reminder to label all of your children’s belongings (hoodies, coats, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc). We have already had some items turned into the Lost & Found with no names on them. If these items are labeled, we can bring them back to your student’s class.

Virtual Book Fair

Our Virtual Book Fair is in full swing! If you would like to order, please do so online at no later than Dec. 13. Books will be delivered to school on Dec. 16 unless you select shipping or a different pickup location when you order. If you would like to purchase a book to donate, visit the teacher wish lists. All proceeds support our Lincoln LRC. Thank you for supporting literacy at Lincoln! For more information, click here.

D303 is looking for Substitute Nurses!

Do you have a friend, neighbor or relative who has a nursing license

and is looking for work?

A D303 substitute nurse has a flexible schedule, an opportunity use their nursing skills

and work in any of our 18 district school buildings.

Many former D303 substitutes have gone on to become district employees.

Please share the following contact information:

Juanita Gryfinski, Dept Chair, D303 Health Services at 331-228-3834 or

Kristen Pozna, District Substitute Coordinator at 331-228-4924 or

Art Volunteers In The Classroom (AVIC) is back!

Art Volunteers In The Classroom (AVIC) is back!

Do you want to volunteer for the Lincoln PTO but have limited time?

AVIC might be your answer!

Get creative in the classroom! Once a month, share art through presentations and art projects. There are framed prints hanging in the halls for your inspiration. Each print has a resource packet full of information and ideas for lessons and art projects.

Volunteer for your child's class! The students love the fun and educational presentations. We need 2-4 volunteers to share the responsibility in each classroom. If no one volunteers for your child's class, think of what they'll be missing!

Sign up to volunteer by clicking the link below

If you are interested in learning more about AVIC, please email Anne Staat at

Orchestra and Band Concerts


Date: Wednesday, 12/15/21

Location: Norris Cultural Arts Center on the East HS campus

5:00pm - arrival for Beginning Strings

5:30pm - Concert begins

7:00pm - arrival for Advanced 4th grade and 5th grade Strings

7:30pm - Concert begins


Date: Thursday, 12/16/21

Location: Thompson Middle School Gym

6:40pm - students arrive

7:00pm - Concert begins

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