Holocaust Content Questions

8th grade ELA


On this flyer I will show you how the prisoners Of the holocaust were and became as people.

How did camp life change prisoners as a person? A family?And relationships with other human beings?

Camp life changed prisoners who had normal lives and were happy to people full of hate and people who were losing their faith in god and only thinking of them selfs. And as a family it did bring some families closer but also drew others apart for example the kid who was given more power than the other prisoners and the kid was seen beating his dad.As forrelationships with other human beings it made them worse because they were being greedy. Sometimes their relationships did grow better but only with a few people,there was no more trust left

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Themes of the novel Night

A theme in the novel Night is never lose faith in God because with him anything is possible and that is what helped lots of people through the holocaust.

Another theme is love your family now because they won't always be there. The reason is because Elie has talked about missing the rest of his family and he tries to cling on his dad and enjoy him while he is there.

The last theme I chose was Through hatred the world will never be good, because even if the nais would have won the war they would be the only ones who would be happy and some of them deep down inside would feel terrible.


This novel has made me think alot about myself. And I now realize that I need to stop taking things for granted and enjoy my family and friends alot more. Also that I need to dedicate more time to god because he is the one that can help me through any problem that I have.