Child Soldiers

Saad Thanvi

Anthropological View

Child Soldiers are common:
  • In some countries and their cultures, child soldiers are very common and they don't think it's a bad thing to make children fight in wars.
  • Kony, the leader of the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) abducted children from villages and turned the girls into sex slaves and the boys into child soldiers.

This also connects to my sociological view.

Acceptance of violence/Violent culture:
  • Violence was very common in their culture because the children were always exposed to it.
  • The children were born in a very violent environment, they saw murders, blood, horror, they were able to use guns and they thought this was just a way of life, and they accepted it, not thinking that it is not a life they should be living.

Sociological View

The LRA:
  • Kony was the leader of the LRA, and the LRA kidnapped 30,000 children. They made groups of boys and sent them into camps where they were trained and taught how to use weapons and how to kill, the boys were turned into child soldiers.

The UN:
  • The UN helped the boys who escaped the training camps. The UN rescued them and helped them restore their old lives back, so they could learn to live as a child again.

General Romeo Dallaire:
  • General Dallaire was the on force commander in the Rwandan Genocide.
  • He helped the UN rescue groups of child soldiers from the training camps.
  • He had seen all the horror and how a child was turned into a soldier, and he wanted to do something to help these innocent children from being turned into murderers.
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Psychological View

  • The children were kidnapped, tortured, abused, and forced to become soldiers. The things they go through are so horrible that they are frightened for life. When a child holds a gun for the first time, the fear in his heart scars him forever.
  • When they are taken to this world full of blood, horror, and violence, they fear everything around them, after all, they are just children.

  • To end this fear, the children are forced to shoot a gun and kill someone they love, and that drains out the fear they have.
  • They are brainwashed in many ways until they accept themselves as soldiers and killers until they think what they are doing is right.
  • The training has a very negative impact on the children's brains, that they think killing and violence is not wrong.
  • The children have the mindset, "kill or be killed".