Lead me the way

Thank you!

My Abuela

Youn have led me the way throughout my entire life, and As I grow older I begin to understand the influence you've had on me. This refers to my Abuela who has cared for me my entire life. She helped my mother make sure that I lived a happy caring life. My mother had me at a very young age and my Abuela was there by our sides to make sure we had the proper lifestyle. I remember waking up to my abuelas cooking and her getting me ready for school. Though she seemed like the meanest person on the planet she was actually just looking out for me. My Abuela has led me the way, she wanted to be positive I would grow up into a successful young man. Those nights you would tuck me to sleep and make sure I was cared for really had an impact on who I am today. You taught me well Abuela and how to treat others the way I wanted to be treated. School became important to me as you would explain to me over the years how important it would be for me to become successful and care for the people I love.