Big Hollow

Primary and Elementary Schools - October 14, 2016

Big Hollow School District Mission

The District will provide a strong educational foundation that empowers students to excel and instills the desire for life-long learning.

Morning Drop Off

The drop off lane opens at 8:15 am. Please wait in your car with your children until 8:15 am. Please be sure students exit the vehicle on the curb side only. Please be sure that students exit the care only when your car is in between the two crosswalks at primary and elementary. If you'd prefer, you may park your car in a parking spot and walk your students to the doors. Please call the school office if you have any questions regarding morning drop off procedures.

Report Cards

Kindergarten thru 8th grade parents will have access to student report cards in Skyward! You'll be able to log into your skyward account and quickly see your child's report card on report card day.

October 15 - Health examination and immunization due date

Illinois School Code and Big Hollow School District Policy require a student's parent/guardian to present proof of their child's health examination and immunizations by October 15 of a year in which such proof is required. Failure to comply with the above requirements by October 15 will result in the student's exclusion from school until the required health forms are presented to the District. All children entering kindergarten and sixth grade must have a physical examination. All students must have a complete immunization history. The Lake County Department provides immunizations for a small fee. Please call 847-377-8000 to schedule or call your child's physician. We do not want your child to miss school; however, we must comply with the legal requirements of the State of Illinois. If you have any questions, please contact the primary school nurse at 847-740-5320 ext 3005 or the elementary school nurse at 847-740-5321 ext. 4005.

Bullying - October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated over time. The best way to address bullying is to stop it before it starts with positive expectations for behavior. Our Big Hollow students have learned STAR behavior. In all areas of the school they have learned: to have Self-control, Take responsibility, Attitude (keep it positive), and Respect.

Virtual Backpack

Please visit the Big Hollow Website and check out the Virtual Backpack for primary and elementary for more information from Big Hollow and other local groups and clubs.

Important Dates

October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

October 9-15 is Fire Safety & Prevention Week

October 19 - PreK picture Retake Day

October 21-28 - PTO Scholastic Book Fair

October 28 - Elementary School Classroom Halloween Parties

October 31 - Primary School Classroom Halloween Parties

Yearbook Cover Contest

Just a reminder that there is a contest to design the cover for the PreK thru 4th grade yearbook. All entries must be turned into the office by 3P.M. on Friday, October 21st . THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS! Rules and details of the contest can be found here.