Hernandez Cortes

Conqueror of the Aztecs


Which explorer would have influenced you to want to immigrate from Europe to the area they explored?

Names of Hernandez Cortes

Hernandez Cortes, Hernan Cortes, and Fernandez Cortes

Birth and Death date

The day that Hernandez Cortes was born in 1485 in Medellin, Spain and died in 1547. He almost died by drowning when his ship sunk fighting the Algiers. Then he died from pleurisy. Pleurisy is a lung disease.


Hernandez Cortes was born in the upper class but his family wasn't wealthy

Beggining of his expedition

Hernandez Cortes objective was to conquer the New World in the name of Spain. So he went off on a ship with Christopher Columbus. He heard that there was a wealthy empire. That empire was called the Aztecs. When he heard about this he got all of his men and for an alliance with another native tribe. Then they were off.

The action begins

When Hernandez Cortes and his army got to the Aztecs, the Aztecs greeted him and his army. But it only made the Spaniards want more and more gold. The army took the tribe leader, Montezuma 2. He got murdered by a rebellion or Spanish soldier. When he was murdered the tribe forced them to leave but Hernandez got reinforcements and took over the main city of the Aztecs, Tenochtitlan.
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Hernan Cortes Biography

EQ Essay Answer

The explorer that influenced me to want to immigrate form Europe to the area they explored would be Hernandez Cortes. I choose Hernandez Cortes because it would be a fun place to live. You live by huge Aztec temples, live by the Caribbean, and see all of the technology that they did.

Another reason why I would live there is because you get to meet new things. One new thing that I would see is people with different colored skins. The Final reason why I would live there is because you could be famous.