Summersill Counseling Department

Julie Deming, School Counselor

Mission Statement

The mission of the SSES counseling department is to create and maintain an environment that ensures that every member of the school community reaches a high level of academic achievement as determined by state and national standards. We commit to a comprehensive system of support to assure this outcome

Vision Statement

Motivate, Educate and Advocate for student success!

The School Counselors in Summersill Elementary School Counseling Program believe.....

  • All students achieve and meet high standards that will result in college and job ready skills.
  • Student developmental needs are best met by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program that is planned, managed, delivered and evaluated by licensed professional school counselors.
  • Data must be analyzed and developed into goals that guide the comprehensive school counseling program which promotes student achievement.
  • Licensed Professional School Counselors adhere to ASCA Ethical Standards to promote the maximum development of every student.

What do counselors do?

-Help students with academic, career, personal/social concerns and any other problems that they may face.

-Visit classroom to do guidance lessons which are preventative in design and deal with matters of character and building skills to support character building.

- Bring students together in groups to work together on a variety of topics and learn new skills.

-Work with parents, teachers, and administration in collaboration, consultation, and offering information on additional resources.

-Provide support to the school community.


The School Counselor keeps information confidential unless disclosure is required.

I will inform parents and/or appropriate authorities when the student’s condition indicates:

  • Harm to Self
  • Harm to Others
  • Harm from Others

Who can refer a student?

*Student self-referral


*Teacher, administrator, staff


*Counselor observation

Reasons for referral:

-Academics -Anxiety -Anger -Coping Skills -Goal Setting

-Grief and Loss -Deployment -Divorce and Separation -Friendship

-Loneliness -Bullying or Relational Aggression -Stress

-Social and Communication Skills -Underachievement -Mediation

-Family Concerns -Managing Feelings -Impulse Control


  • Suspected evidence of child abuse, physical, or mental
  • Signs of self-injury
  • A child who cries or gets sick daily
  • A child who becomes unable to function in a normal way
  • Any behavior change in a child that is sudden or unusual.
  • A child undergoing a traumatic family experience
  • Indications of mounting hostility between a child and a teacher or her/her peer group

Julie Deming, School Counselor

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.