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Daisy Peraza

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Do you love and care for dogs? Well, you might just love German Shepherds, and they can protect you and your family. There are three types of German Shepherds. There are solid black, solid

white and for those who love the original color the black and brown.They get up to 22 to 26 inches in length and up to 50 to 90 lbs. These dogs don’t like it when people they don’t know go into their territory, so these dogs will protect you. German Shepherds can live up to ten years, so you will keep your buddy for a long time. These dogs are in third place for the most intelligent dogs.These dogs are so energetic that they can jump on people and lick them and knock you off your feet. If you ever get a puppy or a dog German Shepherd, after six days of training, they will never go to the bathroom in the house. You will need a lot of responsibility to take care of any kind of dog. They will need food, water, walks, love, care to keep your dog happy and having the dog love you back. If you get another puppy, but a different breed there is a chance that the older German Shepherd with take care of it like it is her own child.Do you ever want a dog to wiggle its tail and be happy to see right after you’re back from school or work? Well, German Shepherds are the most caring out of the other dogs. They will jump and lick you and bark because they are happy to see you again. happy to see you and will protect you. You can get a pet by adopting one that really needs love and care. If you keep them in a place at the house so they can go to the bathroom, they will never learn to go outside and go to the bathroom inside the house where you have them go. Don’t put a fighting dog with a German Shepherd because one of the two might get really badly injured because they have sharp teeth. German Shepherds can do really cool stuff like smile when you ask them to smile or play dead and tons of stuff. Now you know why I think German Shepherds and other kinds of dogs are the best, because they cheer you up when you're down, lick you in the face when he's happy
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Daisy Peraza is her name, and she is a tall and chubby 40 year women. She is married and has three kids, and their names are Guadalupe,Jocelyn and Katti. they are all healthy little girls. When Daisy was in high school she had many activities in school like track,band and soccer. She loved them all, but she had to quit band because of track and soccer. After years went on, she went to college at University of Kansas and majored in science and math. She had a part time job in a designer clothes store and had another job at the mall putting clothes up and organizing. A couple years later, she graduated with high grades in science and math. When she got out of college, she found love at first sight and got married and had three children.When she got better with her health, she got a job at teaching 1st graders at an elementary school. Daisy got a good amount of money to take care of her three little girls. When Daisy had a really good amount of money, she moved to Hollywood and stayed there for good .As the years go by, Daisy gets older and older and has to stay home, but she is still healthy and can still work perfectly. Her children are 22-years-old and can take care of themselves. Daisy has a lot of activities at home, but still keeps up with her school work.

Next, her future plans are to go to El Salvador and to Paris. She has heard really cool stuff about El Salvador, and she said that she wants to go to the beaches and sea all the jungles and at least see one volcano while she’s at El Salvador. In Paris she really wants to see the Eiffel Tower and have a shopping spree in a popular store or mall.

Finally, she has huge plans that are yet still to come. She wants to retire and wants to have two Chiweenie puppies and go to Mexico and see her grandpa and grandma. She also want to see all of her cousins, aunts and uncle.


My favorite app that I use on a daily basis is Instagram, it’s so much fun all you do in this app is put any kind of pictures that you want the whole world to see. If people like the picture you load, they will double tap the picture and a heart will appear. That means that person has liked the picture that you put up. This app is like my world, if I lost it I would freak out and go crazy! If people follow you, that means that they are interested in seeing pictures that you put on Instagram. If you follow people they just might follow you back. Instagram is protective if you would like to keep your account private, so only you can agree to let that person see your pictures that you have. You can pick your user name and add a messages and pick profile pictures to let other people get to know you a little bit better.There are all kinds of accounts. There are accounts for quotes,vines and many more fun accounts that you can follow!
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