The Bahamas

Kadari Johnson

The Bahamas World Ranks!

World Rank: 41

Overall: 68.7

Fun Facts about The Bahamas

Population: 0.4 Million

GDP: $11.4 Billion

GDP Growth: 1.9% Growth

GDP per capita: $32,036

Unemployment: 13.6%

Inflation: 0.3%

FDI Inflow: $1.1 Billion

Legal System

The Bahamas Legal System is very strict on there policy, If someone buys out property it is theirs not the governments. Bahamas rank from Corrupting is 71, which is really good for a country.

Competitive markets

The Bahamas Resources are very spread-out through out the World, with salt, timber, rum, fruit,chemicals and vegetables. The Bahamas is trying to improve there expansion for tourism and increase tours.

Limits on Government Regulation

The Bahamas business regulation has gone down the past couple years and is now at a 68.9. Labor Freedom has gone down also and is at a 75.3, the only freedom that has increased for The bahamas in the past years is the Monetary Freedom with an 78.8.

An efficent capital market

The Bahamas popularity is growing popular with its new projects that it has built through out the years. They've built resorts, hotels and has expanded beaches. The Country's wealth has grown rapidly

Monetary Stability

The Bahamas Monetary freedom is at 78.8 which is good but not the greatest. They have a good stable economy and is no where near inflation. Basically,The overall regulatory environment is efficient and facilitates business formation, although no major reforms have been implemented in recent years

low tax rates

Fiscal Freedom is high while the Government Spending is decreasing. According to .. Government spending has reached 23.7 percent of gross domestic product, and public debt amounts to 56 percent of domestic income. Basically meaning public debt is pretty high but its starting to decrease.

Free Trade

The financial sector, the second most important contributor to the economy, is fairly competitive.The average tariff rate is 18.9 percent, and tariffs are a major source of government revenue. Trade Freedom in the Bahamas is dead in the center compared to other countries sitting at an 52.2 rating.
Bahamas Economy