Letters from Limestone Walters

February 2022

🖤❤️ House Apparel 💚💙

Due to inventory we are unable to sell apparel for our Houses. If you would like to order sweatshirts, you can order directly from the Ron Clark website. Hopefully, next year we will be able to organize something here on our end.

🗓️ Important Dates to Remember

Feb. 7th: PTO Meeting @7pm (in person and Zoom link will be available)

Feb. 11th: Wheel Spin Day and Sweetheart Dance 6:30pm-8:30pm (see details below)

Feb. 18th: Early Dismissal @11:20am (no lunch served)

--> also LCHS Registration 11am-1pm here at LW

Feb. 20th: 2022 Book Club Zoom Event @6pm (see details below)

Feb. 21st: No School!

Feb. 25th: Wheel Spin, House Shirt, and House Competition Day

Feb. 28th: Board Meeting @6pm

📖 February's Book ❤️

2022 Book Club February- Standing Up for Others/Being an Ally

Change Sings by Amanda Gorman brings the beautiful words of the author into the laps of children. When we join together, anything is possible. Children will feel empowered to make small and big changes in their lives and the world after being uplifted with this anthem.

ZOOM Read Aloud Event will take place Sunday, February 20th @6pm.

Fill out the form to be emailed the link: LW Book Club ZOOM Event

🚗 Arrival

Thank you for following our arrival procedures in the morning. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we try to fine tune the process to ensure everyone's safety and maintain efficiency. A few things we have noticed:

1. Once your vehicle is in the drop off lane (see image below) your child may exit the vehicle. This would be within the cones in front of the dumpster with direct access to the sidewalk.

2. Once the line moves, please pull as far up as possible so we can fit as many cars into the drop off zone as possible.

We have provided an updated graphic below to help!

Big picture

👍 Points from our PTO

Soda Sales will be coming to LW. There will be more information to follow so stay tuned.

The Family Father/Daughter & Mother/Son dance will be Friday, Feb. 11th. This is for all K-8th grade students and their families. Proceeds will be going to Easter Seals. See below for more information and we look forward to seeing our LW families.

💘 LW Family Sweetheart Dance

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🌎📚 Scholastic Bowl February Schedule

Feb. 3rd: TRYOUTS 2:45pm-3:45pm

Feb. 8th: Practice/Parent Meeting 2:45pm-3:45pm/3:45pm-4:00pm

Feb. 10th: Practice 2:45pm-3:45pm

Feb. 15th: Practice 2:45pm-3:45pm

Feb. 17th: 1st Match Prep 2:45pm-3:45pm

Feb. 22nd: 4:00pm Match @ Illini Bluffs bus leaves at 3:40pm

Feb. 24th: Home match @ 3:45pm vs Princeville

🏐 Volleyball February Schedule

Feb. 1sth: Home Game @4:15pm vs. St. Mary's Metamora

Feb. 5th: 4:00pm LW 7th Grade Tourney @ LCHS (no bus)

Feb. 7th: Home Game @ 4:00pm vs. Norwood

Feb. 8th: Home Game @ 4:00pm vs. Brimfield

Feb. 9th: 4:30pm @ Oak Grove bus leaves at 3:15pm

Feb. 12th: (Time TBD) 8th Grade Tourney @ Chillicothe bus TBD

Feb. 15th: 4:15pm @ Pl. Valley bus leaves at 3:15pm

Feb. 16th: Home Game @ 4:00pm vs. Monroe

Feb. 17th: Home Game @ 4:15pm vs. St.Thomas

Feb. 22nd: 4:30pm @ Mossville bus leaves at 3:15pm

Feb. 23rd: 4:15pm @ East Peoria Central bus leaves at 3:15pm

Feb. 24th: 4:30pm @ Morton bus leaves at 3:15pm

Feb. 26th: 7th Grade Regional (Time and Location TBD)

💭🥰🎯 Principal Ponderings


I loved kicking off the new year and having our first virtual book club event.


I'm grateful for student artwork, snow pants, and LW staff/community support!


-prepare the February book club event

-read more first chapters to our 7th-8th graders

~Stefanie Pitzer, Principal

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