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February 1, 2016

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Attendance Award Last Week: Jen Bearden's Class!!!! Congratulations!!!

Make sure to have your students look at the new attendance bulletin board! Talk about how important it is to be at school every day!!!! EVERY SECOND COUNTS!!!!

Cedar Hill's Mission

Cedar Hill students, staff and families are committed to ensuring high levels of learning for all students and providing a positive, safe, and consistent climate that promotes student character.

Our Vision

Cedar Hill is a professional learning community of students, educators, and parents recognized for the excellence of our safe, student-centered environment, the character of our students and staff, and the involvement of parents and community partnerships.

We have an unwavering commitment to engage in meaningful collaboration with peers, parents, and students to: discover and implement the best research-based practices; analyze student data; and make informed decisions about differentiated instruction and student learning.

Students actively engage in hands-on learning, utilize technology on a daily basis, and achieve individually at their highest level as lifelong learners who are prepared for a globally diverse society.

Off The Chart and Off Their Teacher!!!! Great Behavior Choices!

Required Annual Videos

This is a reminder that staff members are required to annually watch training videos. All training videos must be watched and completion forms submitted by February 1-tomorrow!!!

Information regarding logging on and documenting that you viewed the videos is in an email from Ashley Woods that was sent to everyone on December 16.

Professional Growth Plans and Summative Evaluations

•Thank you for sharing your updates with your PGP work.

Please make sure you continue collecting artifacts/data and or are able to write to

Indicators: 3.3, 7.2, 9.2 for your upcoming summative evaluation. These are the three indicators you wrote for your professional growth plan. Please let me know if you have questions.

•For those of you that are probationary teachers or tenured (on-cycle), you will be uploading or turning in all evidence for your professional growth plans by Feb. 19. I will send out a progression of steps that I will need you to follow. Summative evaluations will take place Feb. 22-26th. For all other teachers not on-cycle, your summative evaluations will take place in early March.

100th Day Fun!!!

Thank you for participating and planning engaging "100th Day" Activities!!

Reminders. . .

• FLIGHT team leaders- Turn in Implementation Rubrics this week

Reminder- Each grade level team needs to collect artifacts needed for site visit

• Stephanie- Vision, Mission, Commitment Poster Due Wednesday

  • •Weekly entries should be made into Infinite Campus in each subject area.
  • •Be sure to keep your websites up-to-date!
  • •I would like copies of all classroom newsletters.
  • •Please continue to use tickets and classroom behavior charts to recognize outstanding behavior! 4:1
  • Upcoming Events

    Feb. 1

    Walking Day 2, 3, 4


    2:10- Lorie meets with Jenny G.-TST forms

    4:15- Lorie meets with Jennifer McBaine- PLC research presentation

    Feb. 2

    Walking Day K, 1, 5

    8:20 TST 3 (B.P.) Bearden, McDowell, Rost

    11:00- Limo Ride to Pizza Hut for students who qualified

    2:10- TST Review Student Folder- Girard and Rost

    4:00- District Professional Development Committee Meeting- Dix Road

    Feb. 3

    Walking Day 2, 3, 4

    9:00- Lorie attends Administrative Council

    11:00- Lorie attends PreK-8 Summer School Planning Meeting

    1:20- Lorie meets with K team- Rescheduled Quad D discussions

    2:10- Lorie meets with 2nd grade team- office

    3:00- Lorie meets with 1st grade team- office

    Feb. 4- MIDTERM

    No Data Team Time today. Please get your room/plans ready for conferences.

    Walking Day K, 1, 5

    8:25- TST3 (J.B.) McBaine and team

    4:00-8:00- Student-Led Conferences

    Feb. 5 - Yearbook Group Picture Day

    Walking Day 2, 3, 4

    8:10 IEP (A.M.) Kleene, Rost, Colozza, Luetkemeyer?, Werdehausen

    9:45- Lorie meets with 5th grade team- office Quad D discussions

    10:30 Service Plan (M.W.) Werdehausen, Rost, Stockman

    11:20- Lorie meets with 4th grade team- office- Quad D discussions

    1:25 RED (C.S.) McBaine, Rost, Werdehausen, Colozza, McDowell?

    Feb. Feb. 8

    Casey- ELA- ICLE Work

    Walking Day K, 1, 5

    8:30 Lorie and Jennifer McBaine attend PLC workshop-- Columbia

    4:00-8:00 Student-Led Conferences

    Feb. 9

    Walking Day 2, 3, 4

    8:20- Lorie meets with 3rd grade team- office

    10:00- Lorie attends meeting at the Board Office

    2:10- TST1 (S.S.) - Girard and team

    6:00- PTO Meeting

    Feb. 10

    Walking Day K, 1, 5

    8:00- FLIGHT- Each team leader brings artifacts collected to this point.

    Submit names of 5-7 students per grade level for PLC visit interview.

    9:00- Lorie attends ICLE Math with Jennifer McBaine and Shelley Kleene

    1:30- Earthquake Drill -- NOTE CHANGE IN TIME

    Feb. 11

    Walking Day 2, 3, 4

    Dental Screenings

    8:00- Elementary Principals Meeting- Board Office

    8:10- PBS Tier 2 Meeting- Jessica Long's Room

    3:00- Valentine's Day Parties

    Feb. 12 and Feb. 15- No School

    Instructional Change

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