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June - Midterms

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Study Rooms

Library Hours for Mid-terms

Tech Tip - Printing

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New Arrivals

The weather is finally starting to heat up and that's either a good thing or a bad thing depending on which kind of weather you prefer. Either way, as midterms approach, the library will be here to offer you a cool place to study. Please reintroduce yourself to the new study room sign-up policy which was introduced last trimester. You can also find the hours we're open through the early part of July.

We always want to give you as much information as possible when it comes to ways to improve your printing experience. This month's tech tip addresses a new printing quirk that may pop up.

And if you can't get enough of our newsletters, this trimester's archives display pays tribute to campus newsletters from the past.

Finally, check out our new arrivals.

Study Rooms

Study Room Sign-Up Reminders:

  • For the dates of Monday June 15th to Tuesday, June 23rd, the sign-up sheets will be at the desk with the library staff member. You are allowed to pre-sign-up for 2 hours a day.
  • You can get additional time if, at the end of the time slot, no one signs up after you or there are empty rooms. Feel free to approach the desk for more time.
  • If you are not in your room by 10 minutes after the hour, the room is up for grabs.
  • Any items abandoned in a study room for a long period of time or past the reserved time period may be moved to behind the information desk.


Starting June 17th, we will open at 7:00 a.m. on weekdays until Tuesday June 23rd. We will close at our regular times each day.

Our weekend hours remain the same.

July 4th Break: We will be closed on July 3rd and July 4th for the holiday. As of right now, we will be open regular hours on July 5th but please check the library doors, our website and/or Facebook for any changes.

A Printer Pause?

Printer item not printing?

Lately, there have been issues with printing jobs getting stuck in the printer queue at "paused." If your item isn't printing,

  • check the printer queue in the bottom right hand corner of the computer desktop. It's a small printer icon.
  • If your print job is stuck on "paused," right click and select resume.
  • If there are a lot of print jobs listed before yours, you can cancel those jobs so yours can print. Don't worry, you'll only be canceling the jobs of the people who were at your computer before you and have obviously left.

There are numerous reasons why things don't print. If this doesn't work, you can always approach the desk and we'll see if we can help or contact helpdesk.

You are also encouraged by IT to e-mail any issues you have to or drop by for in-person service.

Publications and newsletters of the past

NWHSU (and its former incarnation, NWCC) has had such a variety of in-house newsletters and other such publications, and our archives has a wonderful collection of them. Check out the display case in the library to see a sampling of what our school has produced over the years. We also have many more titles in our archives, should anyone be curious!

Submitted by: Corinne Florin, University Archivist Photo: Monica Howell

New May Arrivals

Check out the new books in Greenawalt Library

An Early History of Chiropractic-The Palmers and Australia: One in a series of books that covers the early philosophy and history of the chiropractic profession. This account deals with the Palmers' belief that chiropractic care should have its own identity instead of being lumped into other natural treatments and be studied in that manner.

By Dr. Rolf Peters Call # 615.53409 P44235

Fast Food Nation-The Dark Side of the All-American Meal: This book is one of the most popular non-fiction books in recent years. The book investigates not only the costs to one's health eating at fast food restaurants can cause but the economic practices of fast food chains which can also lead to consequences for one's health.

By Eric Schlosser Call # 394.10973 Sch396f

Health and Wellness in Antiquity Through the Middle Ages: An examination of the development of medical practices in seven different cultures. This book is part of a four part series on the history of medicine and would be supplemental material for courses dealing with the history and/or culture of health care.

By William York Call # 610.938 Y821h

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