Artist or Mathematician?

MC Escher


Maurits Cornelis Escher was born on June 17, 1898 in Holland. He was nicknamed MC Escher. In high school, or secondary school, Escher didn't pass his final exams. After failing out of high school, Escher's work was becoming known. Most of his art showed impossible structures or realities. In 1924, MC Escher married Jetta Umiker in Italy. A year later, in 1925, he mad his first tessellation. In his entire lifetime, Escher created 137 tessellations. On March 27, 1972, MC Escher died in Hilversum, a small town in Holland.

What Do You Think, Artist or Mathematician?

I think that MC Escher is more artist than mathematician because his drawings incorporate tessellations in to his art. In my opinion, he has to be a very good artist to be able to put repeating figures and still make it look "right".
A Day In The Life Of An MC Escher Drawing (Short Film)