Coca Cola

by noel "messi" Mayo

promotional activities

Coca cola has over 10 brands, and more than 50 flavors in China and have been in China for 36 years now. There are 140 million servings a day from the Chinese population. at first the people didn't like it because they preferred warm drinks and when coke tried to serve it warm they thought it tasted like medicine. So they produced tastes that the Chinese people would like and started different styles of marketing to reach their target market. The products they sell in China are sprite, Fanta, Dasani, etc.

Coca cola in the united states doesn't have much trouble marketing their product because everyone knows what it is and the majority of the population love it. Here they sell other brands such as sprite, fanta, and dasani but unlike in China they don't have to add other things to their product and change the flavor to reach their target because we like the original

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