Lindsey Park

Getting To Know Me

Me and My Family

My name is Lindsey Park , I am 17 years old and I am a senior. I have lived in Belton my whole life but i did not start attending Belton school district until eighth grade year. Preschool through seventh grade I went to a private school in Grandview. I live with both of my parents Sonia, my mom, and Gary, my dad, and my second oldest sister Bailey. I have one more sister, Cortney, who is 23 she currently attends MU and will be graduating in December.

Hobbies, Activites and School

I am a very quiet person. I love to just read and sometimes write. I used to be very athletic but i stopped playing sport because I was to busy with school. I did used to play volleyball and softball. Reading and Writing are my passion. I want to be an editor when i grow up... i think. I am still deciding exactly what i want to do. I take school very serious and have a fear of failing even though I do not let it show. I am invloded in the A-team at BHS even though i am not quite sure what is going to happen with it this year since both Mrs.Kelley and Mr.Kassen are no longer teaching at Belton. I used to be involved in SADD and hope to rejoin this year.

Fun Facts

Some fun facts about me:
  • My favorite color is purple
  • I can wiggle my ears
  • My favorite food is chicken
  • I am really competitive but only in my head. I always want to beat others at things i just do not say it out loud.
  • I also love to listen to music

This Summers Fun

This summer I babysat my two young cousins, Logan ,8, and Evan ,6. I also wen tot New Orleans with my church. We helped out at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.