The Beautiful *Blackland Prairie*

Tere Turberville

Blackland Prairie :)

The Blackland Prairie is very divided into four sections, Eagle Ford Prairie, the White Rock Cuesta, the Taylor Black Prairie, and the Eastern Marginal Prairie. It is a beautiful place to visit!

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The Weather

The weather in the Blackland Prairie changes threw out the year. During the winter the temperature is about 40 to 50 degrees fahrenheit, in the summer the tempature ranges from low to high 90's degrees fahrenheit. The average rainfall falls between 30 to 40 inches increasing from east to west.


The animals there include wild turkey, songbirds, pockets goffers, shorebirds, few white tailed deer and bison. The animals use the Blackland Prairie has a home, you should NOT hunt them there.


The Blackland Prairie has a magnificent river.

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Weathering is a chemical and physical process that breaks down the Earth's surface.


When the Earth's surface is worn away by water or wind.


Deposition is when sediment is carried away to a new location.