West Nile Virus- Flaviviridae

Reward $100,000,000

Organism's M.O. - Spreads through infected mosquitoes.

Description - A virus that contains a single stranded genome surrounded by a membrane.

Victims - It generally preys upon older people who are less likely to wear bug repellant, unlike young children.

Where to Look - West Nile is most common in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and West Asia.

Level of Danger to the Public - 4 out of 10, if you wear insect repellant and are aware of the currant state of the mosquitoes population around you West Nile can be prevented.

Most Common Injury's to Victims, Prevention and Treatment

Symptom's include anywhere from a fever and mild headache to inflammation of the spinal cord and brain.

To prevent contracting West Nile make sure to wear insect repellent and clothes that cover your skin. There is no specific treatment or vaccine for the West Nile virus

There was an average of 54,000 cases of West Nile reported this past year.

This Virus is Lytic