Bearcat Brief

September 5, 2019

Notes from Niki

I wanted to get this out to you today 1) so I didn't forget again like I did last week and 2) so you have time to talk to your colleagues about Monday if you want to make plans.

Monday's PD is our active shooter training. Training will begin at 8:00 a.m. in the Elementary Gym and last until noon. You will have from noon until 1:30 for lunch. At 1:30, we will reconvene in the Middle School library to debrief from the morning and talk about our intruder drill. We will be done by 3:00.

Professional Reading/ Resources:

Getting To Know Our Students

This article by Rick Wormeli is a long one but packed with lots of ideas. If you haven't stumbled across AMLE (The Association of Middle Level Educators) you should check out their web site. It has a ton of free resources and articles.

Upcoming Events


September 5- 4-6 PLC's

September 5- Scout Talk for 4th and 5th grade, 7:45

September 6- 7/8 PLC Group A

September 9- PD Day (Intruder Training)

September 12- Flouride Treatments @HMS

September 12- 7th and 8th Grade Football Scrimmage @St. Clair, 5:30

September 12- BOE Meeting, 6:00

September 13- 7/8 PLC Group B

September 16- PLC Leadership Team Training

September 17- Faculty Meeting, 7:20 a.m.

September 18- Mid-Quarter

September 19- Tornado Drill- (everyone goes to 4/5 wing)

September 19- PLC Meetings Grades 4-6

September 19- Grades Due @3:00

September 19- 7th and 8th Grade Football @St. James, 5:00

September 20- 7/8 PLC Group A

September 20- No Tardy Party

September 23- Fire Drill during a transition time

September 23- 7/8 Girls Basketball vs. Owensville, 5:30

September 26- Cross Country @Belle, 4:50

September 26- 7/8 Football vs. Union, 5:00

September 26- 7/8 Girls Basketball @ St. James, 5:30

September 27- 7/8 PLC Group B

September 27- Student of the Month Assembly, 2:45

September 27- Homecoming

September 27- Homecoming Parade, 4:00

September 30- October 3- 7th Grade Girls Basketball Tournament @Home

September 30- October 3- 8th Grade Girls Basketball Tournament @ Washington