Auggie's life

Plot and Setting

Auggie's house, Auggie's school Beecher Prep, Via's school, Nature retreat, and Summer's house.

The introduction was about Auggie who is a fifth grade boy in New York City, leaving with a birth defect. He starts by saying he felt normal. The rising action event number one is he had to go to school. He was embarrassed. He feels ok by Jack and Summer. Climax:Jack said the meanest thing about him. He feels like a “lamb to a slaughter house”. falling action:He finally is friends with Jack again. Amous, Miles, and Henry stood up for Auggie. Auggie feels better about himself. He did graduation and got the best award. Conclusion: His mom called him a wonder.


Main Characters and Main Character Point of View

The main characters are Jack, Summer, Auggie, and Julian.

It was the main character’s point of view, so Auggie, Summer, Via, Jack, and miranda.


One theme of Wonder is to be nice to everyone so don’t judge them by the outside but by the inside.

Questions and Relating

I would ask Justin, why did you stand up for Jack? How did you feel about them being mean to them?

Jack, to stand up for someone if a person says something mean just because that person bad to be different.

How I Think the Story Continue

If the story continues he won’t be dealing with Julian. He won’t be sad from people looking at him. He will have friends helping him get out of trouble. He will be a popular kid. He has no problem in next school year.