Service Learning Digital Project

By: Aiden Haynes

What We Did

We raised money for our exceptional Children's Program at school. We raised this money to help get some supplies for Mrs. Russell the teacher of this program. In total we raised about $928.85 through us doing a Penny War, Relay Race (concessions) and some people doing a Sponsor Fundraiser.

The Penny War

Overall in then Penny War we raised $81.60. The Penny War was just to raise money for Mrs. Russell's class. The Penny War was a game between the teachers and there were two to a team. The rules were simple whichever teacher team got the most pennies won got a pie in the face.
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The Relay Race

In the Relay Race about $221.25. We had about six teams and two of the teams were girls teams and the rest were boys teams. Both of the girls teams raced and then the boys teams raced whoever won got a first place ribbon and a metal.
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Sponsor Fundraising

In our Sponsor Fundraiser we raised about $626 in all. This was a fundraiser to get people to sponsor the relay teams in the race. If they donated a dollar they got their name put into the drawing to win a $100 gift card.

How I Contributed

I contributed to Service Learning Project by doing a Sponsor Fundraiser and I also participated in the Relay Race. The reason that I did these things was because I felt that if I didn't participate in it that I wasn't doing anything to help and it also made me feel like I was a part of something great.