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VICTORIA BC is the capital city of British Columbia , it is located on the southern tip of Vancouver island off Canada's pacific coast.The city has a population of about 80,017 making it the 15th most populous Canadian region . Victoria is one of the oldest cities in the pacific north west.The city has retained a large number of its historic buildings, in particular its two most famous landmarks British Columbia parliament buildings .Victoria, like many Vancouver Island communities, continues to have a sizeable First Nations presence, composed of peoples from all over Vancouver Island and beyond. Known as the "City of Gardens", Victoria is an attractive city and a popular tourism destination with a thriving technology sector that has risen to be its largest revenue-generating private industry,


Victoria bc has a temperate climate with mild ,rainy winters and cool dry and summers ,the Koppen climate classification places at the northern limits of the cool dry summer subtropical zone .Other climate classification systems such as tewartha place its firmly in oceanic zone.

In fact, the city boasts the mildest winter in Canada and the lowest rainfall on the province's west coast. Daily temperatures rarely rise above 30 ºC or fall below 0 ºC. Winters tend to be mild and rainy, summers are relatively dry, snow is a somewhat uncommon occurrence, while the city enjoys plenty of sunshine all year round.

This temperate, sub-Mediterranean climate has earned Victoria the nickname of "The Garden City." Not only do gardens bloom early and long here, but they contain many plant species rarely found elsewhere in Canada, including palms, eucalyptus and even some bananas.

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There are many activities in Vancouver like;





-storm watching



-Roller derby

-cruising ,etc

Victoria has lots of wonderful things to do.

This a great location because it has beautiful places tourist attraction ,it has lots of marine animals,even better jobs for people. Victoria British Columbia has a well respected public education system anchored by globally renowned research universities.


The vegetation bc ranges from wet coastal forest to dry interior grasslands ,from sea level salt marsh to alpine tundra and from Garry oak parkland to black spruce muskeg .systems of vegetation classification exist and could be applied to the province plant cover .a primarly physiognanic scheme has been used. The trees in the forests of the interior are smaller. They include Douglas fir and lodgepole and ponderosa pine in the south, balsam fir, spruce, and lodgepole pine in the central region, and white spruce in the far north. One-third of the province consists of barren Alpine tundra, snowfields, and glaciers . Black bears, moose, and mule deer are the province’s most widely distributed large wild mammals. Black bears, in particular, have thrived in areas where forests have been restored following the cutting of old-growth timber.


Many things may attract people to come to Victoria

-beacon hill park is the central city's main urban green space.

-In the heart of downtown are the British Columbia parliament buildings The Empress hotel , Victoria police department Station Museum, the gothic Christ church , and the royal British Columbia museum IMAX National Geographic Theatre, with large exhibits on local aboriginal people natural history and , modern history along with travelling international exhibits. In addition, the heart of downtown also has then Emily carr House, Victoria bug zoo ,Market square and the Pacific undersea gardens which showcases marine life of British Columbia. Canada is located within downtown. The art gallery of victoria is located close to downtown in the Rockland neighbourhood several city blocks from Craigdarroch castle built by industrialist Robert dunsmuir and Government house the official residence of the Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia

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