3 ways to improve your essays

Made by Shafiq & Syafarah

Have your essays always been boring and dull? I've always thought that the skills i had before were enough. But as I learned, I realized that there was a myriad of ways to do my essays. After you read this flyer, you'll have more ways to tackle your essays, And you can finally impress that teacher of yours
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Be concise and avoid repetition

Being concise and avoiding repetition keeps your readers interested and makes sure they don't miss anything out. Readers tend to skip sentence when they see the same words in a row or the same sentence structure. Write short, write lean and write clearly so you keep the story interesting. Do this and your essay will be much better

Learn from examples

Learning from examples, you can learn sentence structures, new words and learn better grammar. Reading others essays, you see their mistakes and learn how to improve. You do this, you mold your own style of writing and break bad habits. The moreexamples you learn from, the better your essays.

Don't go too far of topic

Let's say your writing about the time when you felt the happiest i your life. Don't go off topic and start to talk about what you ate for breakfast. Unless its a major plot point, don't include it. Going off topic, you might lose your reader and they might get confused. When you go off topic, always keep in mind that it has to be related to the story. Don' go too far off topic or you might confuse your reader.