Lower Moreland High School


April 22, 2020

Greetings Families!

Please read through our Newsletter for important dates, announcements, news and happenings around our school.

Thank you,

Mr. William J. Miles, Principal

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Lower Moreland High School-Recent Information

With the recent announcement by the Governor regarding the closure of Pennsylvania schools through the end of the academic school year, I have many items to share with you. Please read through all of the items.

1. Modification of the academic calendar. The last acadmic day for seniors will be May 22nd. The last academic day for students in grades 9, 10, and 11 will be June 12th.

2. Advanced Placement. If you have a student enrolled in an advanced placement class, see the attached letter from Ms. Quinn. The test itself is now optional for 2020 only. Taking the test is usually a requirement, but that requirement has been relaxed for 2020.

3. CAPS. In the best interest of our students and given the modification of the school calendar, CAPS Part B is being eliminated. The experiencial piece of the CAPS component will not be required. Seniors will graduate on the completion of CAPS Part A only, which was the interview and essay or resume, which most students completed in September. Any senior who has any component of PART A not completed, must complete it by May 22nd. A mentor will be reaching out to any senior who still has CAPS work to complete.

4. Exams and Grading. Formalized exams for semester two are eliminated. Teachers have been encouraged to create a project or assignment the requires the comprhension and application of course content, but also includes student choice how to engage in the content. The weight of the marking period will not change, however. This project or assignment will bear the weight of an exam. No exams for any reason will be given.

5. An upcoming financial aid webinar by Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA). The link to register is here: PHEAA Financial Aid Webinar for Students and Parents April 23.

6. Locker cleanout/recovery of personal items. I have created a plan which I will share after travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines have eased.

7. Spirit Week 2020. See attached PDF for more information. Please join in on the fun!

8. Senior Awards/Recognition. I am working on a plan for a virtual ceremony.

9. Graduation. I am working on a plan for a virtual graduation that will be broadcast on June 10th.

10. Caps/Gowns; yearbooks; diplomas. Again once various restrictions have been eased, I will share that plan with you.

11. Lawn signs to celebrate the class of 2020. We have placed an order and will share a distribution plan very soon.

Important Links regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

What's Happening

Senior Awards

Please use the link below to apply for the HVAA scholarships. Applications are due May 1st. http://www.hvaa.net/about-us/senior-scholarship-awards

Also, please see the PTA section for information on Senior Awards!

Physical Education

Please see the attached newsletter from the Health and PE Department, thanks!

General News and Announcements

Absence Procedures-Blue Cards

The Blue Card for student absences is now electronic and can be found in the Announcement section of the high school website. This should be submitted rather than sending in a blue card to the school.


National Honor Society

For those students participating in the NHS selection process this year, please note that acceptance and non-acceptance letters for our chapter of the National Honor Society will be sent out via email to participant's school email address at the of April.

School Psychology Department

School Counseling Department

Advanced Placement

Please see the below letter regarding AP. Thank you.

The High School Counselors have begun to utilize REMIND an app-based communication platform that creates and sends one-way messages in real time to an entire class, a small group, or just a single person.

We are excited to launch this new technology to our students and a parent within the household. Information about how to register will be mailed shortly.

Gain access to REMIND: there are two ways to receive REMIND notifications:

Class of 2023: on smartphone, go to browser and type: rmd.at/lmtsd2023

OR if you do not have a smartphone, text @lmtsd2023 to (765) 598-5198

Class of 2022: on smartphone, go to browser and type: rmd.at/lmtsd2022

OR if you do not have a smartphone, text @lmtsd2022 to (765) 598-5198

Class of 2021: on smartphone, go to browser and type: rmd.at/lmtsd2021

OR if you do not have a smartphone, text @lmtsd2021 to (765) 598-5198

Class of 2020 - on smartphone, go to browser and type: rmd.at/lmtsd2020

OR if you do not have a smartphone, text @lmtsd2020 to (765) 598-5198

Resources for Parents and Guardians

Anti-Bullying FAQ

We wanted to provide some information to families following our LMTSD Parent/Guardian Bullying Prevention Information survey. Below are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions and information related to district procedures.

Are you aware of the anonymous reporting system being used in Pennsylvania, Safe2Say Something?

Safe2Say Something is a statewide anonymous, 24-7, reporting process for a variety of safety concerns. Click HERE for more information on this initiative.

Are you aware of the Lower Moreland Township School District Harassment/Bullying Reporting Form?

This form is used to gather information about incidents related to bullying. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators can all use this form. This form can be found on each school’s website. Click HERE to view the form.

As a parent, I have a clear understanding of the school's policies, practices, and procedures related to issues of harassment and bullying.

All reported incidents related to bullying are investigated, regardless of how they are reported. The District Code of Conduct is the structure used to apply consequences. Cases are referred to the police if the nature of the incident requires it.

We continue to partner with students, staff, and families to provide a safe environment for all students.

Bullying Prevention

Lower Moreland Township School District is committed to preventing all forms of bullying, cyberbullying, and harassment. For more information please see the district web site: https://www.lmtsd.org/Page/13723 In addition, please know that at the High School, bullying and harassment forms are available in the main office as well as the guidance office.

Vaping Tool Kit: Please use the link below to access the Montgomery County Dept. of Health's vaping tool kit. It has educational materials on vaping and e-cigarettes.


Please see the below presentation that was given at Murray Avenue on 11/21/19 regarding substance abuse.


REMINDER to Lower Moreland Class of 2020 SENIOR FAMILIES!

Deadline extended for both til April 30 - Please send in senior baby pics and ask your senior to apply to the LM PTA Scholarships! Thanks!

1) SENIOR BABY PICTURE - Send in your senior's baby picture for the pre-graduation slide show (only 1 picture please!) Go to https://forms.gle/kgk8bBMKzzwHtNvQA or email ehwan72@gmail.com.

2) SENIOR LM PTA SCHOLARSHIPS - Please encourage your senior to apply for 1 of the 3 LM PTA scholarships. Each year, in addition to funding scholarships chosen by the school administration and staff, Executive LM PTA selects 3 seniors for the David Archibald, Gail Garber, and Mary Kay Feeley Scholarships ($350/each). Deadline to apply is April 30. Application is at https://forms.gle/FhJLXtR2TiDqjngn6

LMHS Cafeteria News

Big picture
On Mondays and Thursdays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM there are grab and go breakfasts and lunches available at Murray Ave to all students 18 years old and younger.


The 2020 All Sports Banquet will be canceled. We will look to get the event up and running in the spring of 2021