Europeans Arrive

by Anushree

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European Exploration

In the 1400s,major events began taking place across the Atlantic ocean. Europeans had lively trade with Asia. Travel to Asia,though ,was slow and dangerous. Some Europeans thought they could reach Asia faster by sailing west across the Atlantic Ocean. In 1492,Christopher Columbus left Spain and sailed west. He reached the island of San Salvador in the Caribbean Sea. Columbus thought he had reached Asia. Over time people realized Columbus had landed in north america,a continent unknown to people in Europe. Other explorers soon followed Columbus. In 1524,An Italian named Giovanni da Verrazano set sail. He was probably the first explorer to reach what is now New Jersey. Verrazano sailed north along New Jersey coast into what is now New York Bay. In 1609,A Dutch ship sailed for north america. Henry Hudson,the captain of the ship,closely followed the route of Verrazano. He sailed into New York Bay and up the river now named for or after him. Hudson claimed the Hudson river valley for the Dutch. He was also the European to encounter the Lenape people.

In 1664, the Duke of York took over New Netherland. Duke of York gave the name of new jersey to the land between the Hudson river and Delaware river.

The Dutch setters were given the same rights as English settlers. The Dutch kept their Language , their religion, and other part of their culture.

The Lenape migrated west from new jersey to protect themselves and their culture from European settlement.

WOW!! with all this cool stuff going on in north america,new jersey,I would love move to North America, New Jersey.And I would even do so, if I were you.


Assistant needed to help sell the materials to

build a house for the new settlers settling in

New Netherland.


help needed to make good medicine for young

and old ones because of the diseases...

And take care of people's jobs till their family

member are healthy and good as new.

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