Executive Branch Information

Jayden Peeples / Jack Dugan

Executive Power

The Executive power rests in the hand of the president of the United States. Barack Obama currently holds the position of president.

The Functions / Roles

The function is to enforce laws and to be commander and chief of the armed forces. the presidents roles range from hosting foreign diplomats all the way up to presiding over the US military. The president has different departments in his cabinet to help him do all his jobs. major departments are department of state, department of treasury, department of defense and department of justice.

Maryland Executive Branch

It rests in the hands of the governor. the current governor is Lawrence J. hogan jr. is the command and chief of the Maryland militia. the functions of the executive branch put the governor as chief executor officer. a few of the major departments are department of agencies, department of budgets, department of functions and the department of historical evolutions.


In both branches of state and federal government the executive branch has one leader that leader controls the military of that area their both in the highest position of their state or country that are looked up to by millions.