Michael J. Fox Book Report

A memoir

By Kameron Bevis

1. 3. Who is the Author?

Micheal J. Fox was the author telling his story because of his disease. The book was published in April 9, 2003. The intended audience would be his fans wanting to know about his life and his struggles. At the start of the book he talks about when he started noticing the symptoms. Then in the middle it talks about his childhood and when he confirmed that he had Parkinson's disease. There was no biases toward anything except that he thought his grandma was psychic.

2. Timeline

Born in June 9, 1961 in Canada. He dropped out of school. He started his first well known role on Family ties in 1982 till 1989. He stared in Back to The Future series in 1985. Stared in Teen wolf in 1985. Stared in Light of Day in 1987. Bright Lights, Big City in 1988. And Stared in Casualties of War in 1989. In 1999 He stared in Stuart Little. He was honored on the Walk of Fame in 2002.

4. Brave, Talented, Fighter

He gives 3 reasons why he was brave. He was brave when he was told he had Parkinson's disease. He was brave when his father had died. He was brave when he knew that his acting career was over. These are the reasons that he was brave.

He gives 3 reasons why he was talented. He dropped out of school because he knew he was that good. He got the leading role in a TV show. He stared in many moves money making movies. These were the reasons why he is talented.

He gives 3 reasons why he is a fighter. He is still living with Parkinson's disease. He fought for roles in movies and TV. He is fighting death as we speak.

5. Story

He was talking to his parents about dropping out of school to go on about his acting career. They accepted his offer and his father took him to Hollywood. He is now a retired successful actor and his legend still lives on. Him dropping out of school affected him greatly.

6. Mother, Father, Grandmother

His mother was a great influence because she always agreed with his decisions. She always had his back. His father did the same but he always helped him with his decisions like taking him to L.A. His grandmother was psychic and said that he was destined for greatness. I guess she was right,

7. Lucky Man...

He is a Lucky Man because he has a loving family. He has lots of fans. And he is lucky to still be living from Parkinson's disease.

8. I liked this book!

I liked this book because I learned allot from one of my favorite actors. I enjoyed the stories he had from his life. I enjoyed learning about his acting career.