The Weekly Surge

December 29, 2015

Ring In The New Year!

It's another short work week due to New Year's Day. There's not a whole lot to report while so many people are vacationing for the holidays. Hopefully you all have something wonderful to celebrate when you ring in the new year this week.

May 2016 be a happy, healthy and prosperous year for us all!

LAST CHANCE! Send us your holiday decoration photos! Trees, houses, yards, or whatever else you proudly show off during the holidays! These & more can be seen on our private Facebook page, the TRP/HCS Water Cooler. Be sure to join to see all of the pics!

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Charity and Team-Building Events for 2016

Elgin's office is discussing the possibility of participating in a Habitat For Humanity Walk-A-Thon since our Food For Greater Elgin food drive was such a success. During these discussions the question was raised, "How often should we hold a charity or team-building event?" This poll is for everyone to help us come up with a solution.

Question #1 - How often would you like for the company to hold a charity or team-building event?
- 2 x per year

- 4 x per year

- 6 x per year
- Other amount and why?

Question #2 – In what kind of events would you like to be a participant?
Would you like a charity event such as a walk-a-thon or food drive, or perhaps a team-building event like enjoying a ballgame or having some fun bowling is more to your liking? All suggestions are welcome.

Please e-mail with your responses. Thanks!

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Employee Spotlight For This Week

This week our employee spotlight turns to Chris Hoxie in Elgin, IL.

Here's what he tells us about himself:

My Role: My responsibilities are to design/maintain Printed Circuit Boards for Light Engines and Custom Drivers, and the BOMS that go with them.

Job Likes: Every layout creates a new challenge. Something new to learn. The people I work with are like family, sometimes even better (in-laws).

Outside Work: I am a cake engineer. I LOVE to design 3D cakes for people. I am often asked to challenge the laws of physics to design something amazing out of cake. To see more, go to: and enjoy. I also enjoy gardening, DIY projects, wine tasting and cooking.

Length of Employment: Will be 5 years in January.

Favorite Food(s): Deep dish Pizza. Chicago style, Italian Sausage, Green Peppers, Onions, and LOTS of Cheese, bottle of Merlot…

Vanilla or Chocolate: Twist 'em together, and top with caramel and nuts.

If You Could Be A Superhero, What Super Powers Would You Want To Have:

My super powers would be speed. Everything needs to be done yesterday it seems.

Describe Yourself In Three Words: Friendly, Funny, Family.

Thank you Chris Hoxie, for all that you do to support the efforts of the Hubbell Lighting Components Business Team!

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Don't Forget About Joining The TRP/HCS Water Cooler On Facebook

We've got more pics to share! Please join our Private Group the TRP/HCS Water Cooler. No one outside the group can see what's shared there, it's just for us. All Elgin and Austin TRP and HBA employees are invited. Click the link to join, and our MarCom team will admit you!
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