Semana 12, Día 3

U3 L2

¡Enhorabuena! Shout out to Gianna for using school holiday to knock out some online work. Way to go!

Aviso: Progress Reports being filed tonight

Your first progress report for quarter 2 will be filed tonight. Progress Reports are filed every 2 weeks between quarterly grade reports.

Be sure to schedule your U3 RLC.

Lección: Student to Student

I want to share with you all a U2 Final Project. If you are not receiving the grade you would like on your Final Projects (which are worth 25% of your Unit grade), watch this Prezi with audio by one of your classmates, Maisy, and although there are some grammatical errors (I do not expect perfection) there is a pletora of detail and a depth that merits a solid A here. I hope you can learn from this and learn from each other.