Summer Reading Project

Book: Enders Game

Author: Orson Scott Card

Enders Game Description

A war has raged for two times the enemy of the human race are called the 'buggers' and an academy for bright young students who show potential for being the commander of the third invasion is created. Our main character Ender Wiggin is a six year old boy when he is taken up into space along with others to be trained for the possibility of being commander. Little does ender know that he is the ultimate commander who will lead the third and final invasion of the bugger war and win.

Propaganda Technique (1): Bandwaggon

During the beginning of the book ender and all the other kids play with the toys they have the human imperial fleet or the buggers. And NO ONE wants to be the buggers the buggers are evil they attacked us first everyone says. Its also the main reason why ender is fighting later on in the book to save earth. But everyone says the buggers are bad so everyone believes them the buggers might not all be bad like the queen ender finds at the end of the book. As everyone hates the buggers ender immediately is fixated with that mind set and if you were to like the buggers you were wrong.

Propaganda Technique (2): Rhetorical

later on in the book when ender is a few years into the training school in space down on earth Peter and Valentine scheme to take a hand hold on the government and politics. They create fake online identities Peters is Locke and Valentines is Demosthenes together they create a back and forth take on politics with each stating different things but sometimes coming together for a idea. Later on in the book after Ender has killed all the buggers he finds out that Peter AKA Locke has been made president and there has been a proposal that ended the war on earth. This is a example of Rhetorical because Locke and Demosthenes used words to quite literally conquer the world.