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significance of our flag

The Panamanian flag's colors represent the two political parties of Panama, the Liberals (red) and the Conservatives (blue). The white symbolizes peace between them and the equal division of the colors states that they both govern the country at different times. The colors of the Panamanian flag also have alternative meanings. The blue represents the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea and red stands for the blood spilt for Panama's independence. The blue star represents the civic virtues of purity and honesty and the red star symbolizes the authority of the law. Together they represent loyalty and resilience.
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panamas cuisine

These three dishes scratch the surface of Panamanian cuisine but it is a good example of breakfast lunch and dinner.


Our capital is Panama city, Panama.
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Our government is a representative democracy, our president is Juan Carlos Varela.
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the population of panama is 3.864 million


Panama is a country located in the Central America region of North America it borders both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, between Colombia and Costa Rica.
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The currency of Panama is the balboa but the US dollaris is also used, that obviously equates to one dollar.
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tourist attractions