Hernando Cortez, is he a God?

Cortez and the Aztects

Hernando Cortez, a Spanish Explorer who kept hearing about the Aztec Empire. Curiously, Cortez decided to find out for himself what was this Aztec Empire. To accompany him he took 500 of his best men and 16 horses. There they met the leader of the Aztec Empire, Montezuma ll. Montezuma welcomed the travelers with open arms thinking they were gods! Why did they think that you ask? Because of their skin color!

What happned

Cortez turned on the king and the city and took Montezuma ll hostage! He then forced him to swear allegiance on the Spanish King! After about 6 months the Aztec's have had enough and kick Cortez and his men out! Cortez, furious decided to get 1000 soldiers and all of the Aztecs enemy tribes to fight them. They defeated 5 million of the Aztecs! How you say? By their advanced weaponry and disease! Isn't it scandals's!
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