Kewl Cells!

Erick Boniface

What are cells?!

Cells are tiny organisms that are in every living thing. Your dog, your cat, your neighbor's aunt's father, everyone! These little organisms are the most basic units of life. They are so tiny that they can only be seen with a microscope. In fact, they are so small that there is 37 TRILLION in the human body!

There are two types of cells: Animal and plant cells. Where they come from is pretty obvious. They both has differences in the things they are made out of.


What is a cell made of?

Cells are not just cells and they do what they want to do. There isn't a little man in there either. A cell is made of organelles. What are organelles? They are little structures inside the cell that control the intake and outtake of the cell, produces energy, and on that keeps it all together.

Types of Organelles

Cell Theory

In biology, the cell theory is the 3 main ideas of cells. They explain and show what they are. These 3 ideas took many scientists years and year to come with a conclusion with.

They are:

All living things are made of cells

New cells come from preexisting cells

Cells are the most basic unit of life

Body Organization

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As noted before, cells are tiny. For example, that Pomeranian over there is an organism. The cell make ups tissues, muscular and nervous tissue can combine to make a heart. Tissues make organs which are part of a big system, such as the respiratory system or the nervous system. When added all together it makes an organism, such as a cute dog!

Types of cells


How do cells make energy?


Animals take in food and oxygen and makes energy with a by product of carbon dioxide. Sound a little familiar?

It is the same equation as photosynthesis but flipped around. Plants take in carbon dioxide and energy from the sun to make food and a by product of oxygen.

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