Gregor Mendel

By: Nevaeh McDowell


As a young boy he got recognized for how smart he was. Especially for his age! He gradually worked his way up to success. Now he is known by almost every scientist in the country.

Successes and Struggles

He was noticed as a gifted child when he was very young.

He was asked to be in many schools.


He couldn't afford schooling.

His family was poor.

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He had crossed two different pea plants. Pure yellow and pure green. He ended up finding that yellow was the dominant color. He also found that the green was recessive to the yellow. But, neither of these two peas were co dominant though.
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They didn’t fully understand it at first until way later after Mendel had passed. It also didn’t attract much attention while he was alive.


Mendel had set the foundation of understanding genetics. Later on after his death, scientists started further understanding and finally got what Mendel was trying to get across to them when he was still alive.