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Summer 2018 Edition

Schools Is (ALMOST) Out For The Summer!

I am sure the last thing you want to do is think about going back to work. Lucky for you, the CSO works all year round. We wanted to provide you with some great Summer reading material to help prepare you for the 2018-19 school year.

Connect with us this summer through social media. We would love to see what you are up to! Have a blessed and safe Summer break.

In Christ,

Shannon Norris & Vicky McCann

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Summer Book Study - Arrgh!

The Book: The book we will be reading is Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess.

About the Book Study: Book study discussions will be held online during the month of July. More information will be sent to participants.

Participant Criteria: In order to participate in the book study, you must add to our online weekly discussion. Participants must attend our one time meeting on August 2, 2018 at St. Mary of the Assumption School in Upper Marlboro. For MSDE credit, a 1-2 page reflection paper is required.

Registration: Opens on June 6 and is limited to the first 40 participants. More information and the link is below the video from author, Dave Burgess.

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3rd Grade Standards Based Report Card

All ADW schools will be using the newly updated 3rd Grade Standards Based Report Card during the 2018-2019 school year.

Get your first look at this report card here!

Watch the video below for more important information regarding this change.

3rd Grade SBRC video

How To Share Videos With Your Students Safely

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How do you share videos with your class? Is it safe? Are there ads always popping up? Try using SafeShare.tv for sharing any type of videos from the internet with your class. Safely watch and share YouTube and Vimeo videos without ads and distractions.

Parents & Students

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Collaborating Classrooms Across The ADW

​Interested in having your students collaborate on projects with other ADW schools in 2018-19?? Sign up and contact other innovative teachers like yourself. Sign up here: https://goo.gl/5J65nD
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"Teachers have a love/hate relationship with Professional Development. On the one hand we love it and appreciate it because when it’s good, it can truly help us in the classroom, enhance our teaching, and help our students achieve more. But when it’s bad…well…let’s just say that teachers have 200 other more useful things that they could be doing instead of sitting through another mandatory yet useless, poorly planned and irrelevant PD session...."

Read the full article by Awaken The Mind here

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Computer Science Teachers Assosciation

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The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) is a membership organization that supports and promotes the teaching of computer science. CSTA provides opportunities for K–12 teachers and their students to better understand computer science and to more successfully prepare themselves to teach and learn. Learn more and join here

Follow @CSTeachersorg

"I believe that the growth mindset helps people to focus on the process instead of the result. When this is done, learning becomes an adventure, not a test. It is a journey, not a judgment on ones capabilities. It can help to remove the stress and the need to save face by constantly succeeding, and simply allow us to enjoy the act of learning and growing, Learning becomes a joy...." Read the full article by Awake The Mind here
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Thinkport offers rewarding professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers and child care providers in Maryland. The flexible, online format puts educators in charge of their learning, with the option of earning MSDE CPD credits, graduate credits, and clock hours.

Learn more about MPT’s educational resources and activities on Thinkport.org

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Search hundreds of resources by subject, grade level, type and keyword. These lesson plans and teaching materials support your STEM curriculum.

A digital collection of earth and space science resources for educators of all levels – from elementary to college, to out-of-school programs.

Check out Nasa for Educators website here


Social & Emotional Learning for Students & Faculty

See what happens when students and faculty participate in regular meetings to build trust and promote deeper learning. Read the feedback from students on Edutopia here
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"Welcome to an idea that I believe embodies what the future of education is going to look like. This is a concept I have been experimenting with and am so excited about. Check out the video “Change: why bother?” to get an idea of WHAT this is all about and view “Why and how to blend” below. The traditional methods of knowledge delivery and classroom protocol are ready for change and the students need a relevant, engaging classroom to help them awaken to their true potential. With the new technology available to help today there is nothing holding us back. It’s time!" Read the full article by Awaken The Mind here
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Microsoft is evaluating the causes of gender disparity in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) will help us engage girls in STEM—and change the world. Why STEM classes and careers still lack girls and what we can do about it! Read the full research article here.

by Dr. Shalini Kesar, Associate Professor Department of Computer Science & Information Systems, Southern Utah University.

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Simple but powerful creativity, presentation, and storytelling tools for FREE!

Why students and teachers choose Adobe Spark

Inspiration for everyone

Fast, fun creation

Easy to follow lessons

Sharing with confidence

Get free premium features exclusively for schools

Available to all ages. Can be used consistent with COPPA if you obtain parent consent.

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Rediker Support Document

Find news and updates from the CSO for Rediker

Frontline Support Document

Find news and updates from the CSO for Frontline

ADW Collaborators Weebly

Educational Technology Resources and Tools

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Nominate an Inspiring Educator for SMART’s Give Greatness Contest

It doesn’t have to be Teacher Appreciation Week to celebrate the inspiring educators in your community! The folks at SMART are hosting a special contest to recognize educators from around the world. They know how educators make a positive impact in the lives of their students, so this contest is titled “Give Greatness.”

The team at SMART wants to spotlight educators across the globe who inspire greatness in their students, their peers, or their community. This contest gives educators the chance to nominate their colleagues to win a grand prize valued at $40,000. For every nomination you submit, both the nominator and the nominee are entered to win this massive classroom technology package.

SMART’s Give Greatness Contest

How does it work?Head over to the landing page for SMART’s Give Greatness Contest. You’ll find a form to place your information, and share the story of a colleague who inspires greatness in your school. In 200-500 words you can describe how this teacher makes a difference in their students' lives and how they inspire you and their fellow educators. Each technology package will include one 7000 series SMART Board, one SMART Document camera, 30 Chromebooks, SMART training and implementation, and more.

If you have an educator in your life who inspire greatness in their students, their peers, or their community, here’s a chance to celebrate them! Fill out this formfor SMART’s Give Greatness Contest to nominate an inspiring educator.

Bonus Idea: After you write your 200-500 word nomination send it to your colleague in an email, card, or special note that will absolutely make their day!

Head over to SMART’s Give Greatness Contest landing page to get started!