Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson political cartoon

In this cartoon, the artist is portraying Andrew Jackson as a father to the Native American tribes. It can be seen that Andrew Jackson is much bigger than the Indians. This portrayal of Jackson as a bigger man looks to prove that Jackson was superior to the Indians, probably due to race.

Letter from a Cherokee

I can't believe that jerk Andrew Jackson is making us leave even after Worcester said we can stay! He favors a state over a race of people who have been here for over hundreds of years. All because of what? We look different? We try so hard to fit in! I just can't believe him...

Letter from a U.S. soldier

I have just finished packing in order to move all those savages out of Georgia. I'm glad President Jackson has decided to kick him out. He really is a good guy, looking out for Georgia. I'm just honored to carry out this task!