Stem cells are the future!

The future is now!

Stem cells for good!

Imagine the year 2080. A young boy is hit by a truck while walking home from school. The damage to his body is critical, and it most likely seems that he is going to die. His parents on the other hand, are not worried one bit. They are confident that modern stem cell research will make their child as good as new!

Knowing is half the battle!

Part of the reason people dislike the thought of stem cells, is they simply don't know how they work! There is no ranch where babies are being slaughtered to be created for stem cell research, of course not! Instead, women with embryos they decide not to keep, are being made into stem cells. Its better this way, perhaps the mother would not have been a good care taker, or perhaps she would not have the funds to take care of this child. Its better to have the child to never exist, then to exist in misery.


Any questions?