Caul Birth

Birth Defect

Caul Veil

A caul veil is a membrane or part of the amniotic sac that covers the infant's face and head

En Caul Birth

An en caul birth occurs when the baby is born with the amniotic sac still intact

Only 1 out of 80,000 infants are born en caul

Most at risk

Premature infants are most at risk for this to appear, though it can also occur in full term babies

(Some doctors will deliver an extremely fragile and premature baby en caul cesarean with involves moving the place of the incision)

Inheritance and superstitions

Children born en caul are said to be born with 'good luck' or are born with psychic abilities. Cauls are often kept as heirlooms and would be sold to sailors in medieval times to sailors as it was said whoever wears a caul cannot drown.

They are sometimes inherited through the family

Symptoms and treatments

The only symptom present for a child born en caul is determined after birth if the baby has the membrane present on its face or born intact with the amniotic sac.

The membrane is simply removed by a doctor or midwife, but if not removed with caution can result in wounds or permanent scars on the face or head

Life after

Being born en caul or with the membrane still attached does not affect the infant physically or psychologically after birth, but babies born en caul are said to be easier to take care of