Your Purpose is Within You!

Find out what your divine numbers can reveal about you!

If you are ready to discover your life's purpose and who your truly are, this personal numerology reading is perfect for you!

Get a quantum leap closer to answering the question "Who am I?" by using numerological concepts and equations offered in this unique reading from Moneeka. Numerology is a fun and fascinating way to find out what makes you special, what your destiny holds, how you get along with others, and what to expect in the future.

This incredible key to your past, present, and future gives you insight into:

  • The life path you’re traveling
  • Your personal goals and desires
  • Your individual strengths and talents
  • Your obstacles and challenges
  • How you can triumph over limitations

A personal numerology reading is a fabulous way to discover the special qualities that are uniquely yours so you can see a fuller picture of yourself and your world.

What is a Numerology Reading?

Numerology is based on the negative and positive vibrations of numbers from your birthdate and name. These vibrations translate into feelings, emotions, personality traits, patterns, habits, etc.

In a reading, Moneeka explains your unique number vibrations from your childhood to the end of life. You will learn both the positive and negative aspects of your numbers to see if you have any blocks, sticking points, or limiting beliefs. This awareness opens up the possibilities for personal growth, healing, and transformation.

Your personal numerology reading includes:

  • Your personal numerology chart PDF
  • 45- to 60-minute chart reading by Moneeka
  • 30-minute Q&A with Moneeka after the chart reading
  • An mp3 recording of your reading so you can listen to it over and over again.
  • Email follow-up to answer any questions about your chart for up to a month after your call.

How It Works:

To get your own personal numerology reading, pay via the paypal button below, and then email Moneeka directly at to arrange your chart reading.

Her normal charge for a chart reading is $397.

New Year special price is $147.

Meet Moneeka Sawyer

Even when Moneeka was five, you would see her leaning onto her tea party table intently looking into the eyes of another little person, holding their hand, listening to them spill out their troubles to Moneeka’s patient, attentive ears. At her tea parties Moneeka solved all the life problems of her 3, 4, and 5 year old friends. And the trend never stopped from there. She was the confidante of everyone who knew her because people were just drawn to open up to her.

As she grew older, her interests were more in business and she never considered the possibility of becoming a counselor or a coach. She got her business degree from Haas Business School at U.C. Berkeley and promptly started her own business after she graduated. As her own business grew she eventually got to a place where she had hit a sort of ceiling and she couldn’t break through, so she hired a well-respected business and personal coach in her field at that time.

Soon after their meetings began, they both realized she was stagnating because the business she was in wasn’t feeding her spirit anymore. Her coach then asked her to join his business and become one of his coaches. And so her coaching career began about 9 years ago.

Moneeka always says that one of the most amazing things about coaching is all that she gets to learn from her clients. She has worked with CEO’s of well-established companies, entrepreneurs just starting out, and all sorts of ambitious business men and women in between. Although she loves business coaching, her main passion is helping people to far exceed their own personal dreams by helping them bust through their own limits. She loves when she’s talking to someone and she can see the look in their eyes change when something she just said really hits them, and they both know things just completely changed for them.

She has been involved with numerology since she was very young, but about two years ago discovered what an amazing tool it can be for personal healing, expansion, and growth. Her chart readings will surprise you with their accuracy and depth.

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Hi Moneeka,
I just listened to the recording of the numerology reading you did for me,and I am astonished at how accurate it was! It is great to know the
positive and negative aspects of each number and to understand why
different issues we experience come up. For example, I have been dealing with negative self-talk and self-doubt all of my life. I have tried and tried to overcome it, but it has been so hard. When you explained that these issues show up numerous times in my numbers, it tells me that these issues are a big part of the “curriculum” that I am learning in this life! It helps me to stop beating myself up about it, and to know that I can overcome it.

The information you gave me about my maiden name and my married name and
why each family came together was fascinating! It explains so much about why I have gone through what I have with each family, and what my role is in my family. It is very cool to see that the information you gave me about each family was SPOT ON, and it helps to know that we all came together to learn specific things.

It was also interesting to see which numbers don’t appear in my numbers at all, and that those are specific things I am supposed to learn in this lifetime. These issues are exactly what I am dealing with right now, and it is nice to know that I have handled them well so far.
Thank you so much, Moneeka, for a fabulous reading! I appreciate the time you spent on the reading, and going over it with me! I had only dabbled in numerology before, but this reading solidified it all in my mind. It’s so nice to know that I am “on track”, and I can’t wait to delve even deeper into the numbers!

I will definitely be recommending you to all of my friends, and I will be contacting you for more readings for myself as well! I wish you all the best! Take Care! Sheila Evans

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“Today I had my very first Numerology reading. I had no idea what to expect. My knowledge of Numerology is very minimal. I was amazed at all it entailed and as Moneeka performed my reading I began to see how each number carried patterns that I have had my entire life. Several numbers were repeated throughout the many blueprints so I could see why a particular pattern was really strong. The reading helped me understand my strengths and challenges and showed me it is important to meet these challenges in order to live a joy-filled life. Moneeka has wonderful energy. She explained everything in a way that was easy to comprehend. I am looking forward to receiving the recoding of my session as there was so much informative material given that I want to listen to it again and again so I can see where I am making progress in meeting my challenges and what work I still need to do. I highly recommend a reading from Moneeka. You will be happy you did. Barbara Flaherty

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