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Halfway Thru November!

Can't believe it is already midway through November! And parent teacher conferences are so close! If I can help you with preparing, let me know!

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Some Strategies!

I read a blog not long ago about some quick and easy strategies that might help with engagement and literacy. See which ones you would like to try and I'd be happy to help!

Three Column Vocabulary

Students fold a piece of paper long ways into thirds. One column is the word, the next a student friendly definition and the third a picture, or a way to remember the word. Students could share with their team, or partner, what they chose to do!

Four Square Vocabulary

Instead of folding the paper into 3 columns, fold it into 4 sections. With the word in the middle, each section is a little different: student friendly definition, what it is, synonyms, what is it is not, associations, sentence, visual. Take your pick! Have the students share!

Place mat Summaries

Divide a piece of text into 4 sections, give each member of a team a section. Provide the team with a large piece of paper. Divide the paper into 4 sections. Each member reads their text then writes a summary on their section. Each member of the team then reads each summary. Of course, you 'd want to add a way to process the information!

$2 Summary

Students write a short summary of the lesson, reading or video they watched. Each word is worth 10 cents and they want to get a summary of exactly $2! The words "a, an, the" are freebies! For some variety, try a different amount! Of course, you might want to have them do this with a partner or their team!

Pyramid Summary

Draw an upside down triangle divided into parts; place the main idea at the bottom section. Add details to represent each section of the text that connects back to the main idea! You could adapt this by combining this with the place mat summary, even!


I read an article on the New York Times Learning Network. It really was awesome! It is titled: Annotating to Engage, Analyze, Connect & Create! In the article, it talks about annotation. AT the simplest level, annotation means to add a note to a text. And we do it all the time! When we comment on Facebook, or YouTube! Social Media is a way to collaborate with, talk to, argue with the text and the author!

As I read on, they talked about my favorite social media site, Twitter! As the authors state, "Twitter is basically electronic marginalia on everything in the world: jokes, sports, revolutions."

So I got to thinking. I watch the Walking Dead. (I'm a HUGE fan and I will definitely riot if they ever kill off Daryl!) You should have seen me a few weeks ago with Glenn!

After EVERY show, I watch the Talking Dead! LIGHT BULB: That is a form of annotation! I'm interacting with the show to expand my understanding! Especially if I tweet or call in!

So I started thinking, how might we ask students to interact with different types of "text?" The article included annotating for various content areas, such as current events to add context and enrich background knowledge - ON A MAP! A current day photograph, a historical photograph, and the list goes on!

I'd love it if you checked out the article and decided to try something in there! Let me know how I can help you!

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