AT&P Energy Store

By: Anusha Mittal, Sue Shin, Leah Frazeur

The Purpose

The purpose of our plan is to obtain energy for the plant cells to use to create glucose and oxygen. So they can make food for themselves and survive.

The Process of Photosynthesis

Carbon dioxide+ water+ sunlight= gloucose+ oxygen gas.


The plants use energy to make glucose and oxygen gas. Energy is one of the reactants that help create the glucose and oxygen gas,which are the products.

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The plant cell plan obtains its energy from the sunlight which shines down on the plants constantly, during the day to help the plants perform photosynthesis.

The Organelle

The organelle that the photosynthesis plan requires is the Chloroplast, which creates food for the plant during photosynthesis. The Chlorophyll that is stored inside the Chloroplast , which also helps the plant with Photosynthesis.

Our Clients

Our clients are plants that perform photosynthesis. This all plants because, all plants need to perform Photosynthesis to live.


The benefits of purchasing our plan is because it won't cost you as much as it will for any other plan. We will always have energy for you to perform photosynthesis. We will never let you down.