Jans Hus: Heresy Against Church

by: Ethan Reece

Jans Hus Speaks Out

Jans Hus was a philosopher who spoke out against the Church saying exactly the opposite of what the Pope is for. He stated that you didn't have to go through the Pope to get to Heaven. For what he did, the Church burned him at the stake.For those who don't know, that's where you're tied to a pole and your body is lit on fire. This was his punishment for going against the Church. Later many people followed in his footsteps and were called Hussites.

Jans Hus

Martin Luther and the 95 Theses

During the Reformation period Martin Luther decided to speak out against the Church just like Jans Hus. Although, Luther went and wrote the 95 theses and nailed them on the front door of the Church. The 95 Theses was 95 things that Martin Luther found wrong with the Church. Luther was considered one of the Hussites, a follower of Jans Hus.

This started the change where more than one religion was available to the people.