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Gandi was a leader to India American independence he wanted to boycott British insutitons but in a peaceful way. He is known by, "the great souled one." Because he had a nonviolent corruption for India, but sadly somebody killed this great leader.
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A picture of Gandhi.

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Gandhi protesting.

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Gandhi speaking to India.

Gandhi and Civil Disobedience


The idea that Thoreau had was that the government should not have power. The laws should be based off of the conscience of the people. He mentions, "They take too much time, and man's life will be gone." He is referring to the government doing what they want with others, when it should not be like that. He is not saying we should not have a government but he does want a better government. Thoreau states, "It is not the desirable to cultivate a law , so much as for the right." What Thoreau is trying to say is that he wants to do what he think is right. He also believed that taxes just fund violent acts by the government and continue slavery and war.